Tamiya Mini 4WD PRO Astral Star 18634

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★ Introducing the Mini 4WD PRO, featuring a body designed by Takata Nezu (representative of Tsunagu Design), a prominent car designer.

★ The charm of this model lies in its closed body, which exudes a real car feel. The wide, flared front and rear fenders give it an imposing presence.

★ Equipped with a double-shaft motor and the popular MS chassis known for its high drive efficiency and stability. The center chassis is a lightweight type.

★ The car is set with five-spoke wheels and low-height tires.

★ MS Chassis
The three-part “MS Chassis” achieves excellent rigidity and features a double-shaft motor with extended shafts at both ends of the motor, and heavy components such as batteries are placed in the middle of the chassis in the “Midship (MS) Layout.” This traditional 4WD (four-wheel drive) mechanism of Mini 4WD provides excellent stability during high-speed racing.
The chassis consists of nose, center, and tail parts, which can be easily detached and reattached. This allows for speedy and extensive setting changes.
※ There are two types of nose units.

★ The model is snap-fit, requiring no glue for assembly.

* Length when completed: 152mm
* Width: 92mm
* Scale: 1/32 scale
* Painting: Unpainted
* Power source: Two AA batteries (sold separately)


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