Tamiya Mini 4WD Racer Shirokumakko (Super-2) 18083

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★ A cute Mini 4WD with a popular zoo animal, the polar bear, riding it
This is a plastic model assembly kit of a Mini 4WD with a popular zoo animal, the polar bear, riding it.
The body, based on the Conqueror Open-Top, is in a white color inspired by the polar bear.
The light blue and blue, yellow lines, and polar bear logo are provided as stickers, allowing for an easy and cool coloring finish.
The polar bear, holding the steering wheel and fitting into the cockpit, comes pre-assembled and painted. Two types of cheek stickers are also included.
Installation is simple with double-sided tape on the sponge, which is attached to the battery holder. The cute packaging with an illustration of a polar bear raising its left arm is also noteworthy.

★ Adopting the Super-II Chassis
The chassis is the reinforced Super-II, enhancing rigidity and expandability.
The main body is light blue, and the A parts such as the battery holder and rear stay are white, giving the chassis a cool coloring.
The turn-type switch and two-point fixed rear stay are among the features that enhance performance.
Furthermore, the bumper and rear stay are equipped with multiple part attachment holes for a wide range of settings.
In addition, the feet set with gold-plated three-spoke wheels and 26mm small diameter blue tires are eye-catching.
The gear ratio is 4:1, and it comes with a motor.

★ Assembly is snap-fit, no glue required

* Overall length when completed: 150mm
* Width: 97mm
* Height: 46mm
* Scale: 1/32 scale
* Painting: Unpainted (polar bear driver is pre-painted)
* Power source: Two AA batteries (sold separately)


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