Tamiya Mini 4WD Racer Wolf (VS) 18085

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★ The eye-catching wolf driver brings a villainous mood
This is a plastic model assembly kit for a high-performance, four-wheel drive racer that’s fun to race.
The Mini 4WD Wolf features a slightly villainous wolf driver.
The body, inspired by a single-seater buggy, has an open-top style with no roof and equipped with roll bars for visibility, made of highly durable black ABS resin.
Special stickers, including the character for “wolf” and graphics in purple/black/blue, are included.
The wolf driver, who looks fiercely forward from the driver’s seat, comes pre-assembled and painted. Installation is easy, simply attach it to the battery holder with double-sided tape.

★ VS Chassis
The chassis adopts the small, lightweight, short wheelbase VS.
The chassis body and rear roller stay are made of purple-colored ABS resin. A-parts like the 16mm plastic rollers and battery holder are coordinated in black ABS resin to match the body.
Additionally, large-diameter six-spoke black wheels are set with large-diameter purple slick tires. The chassis is also wrapped in a villainous mood.
The chassis underside features air ducts to enhance motor cooling, and the switch cover and battery holder open and close with a hinge, a characteristic of the VS chassis.
The gear ratio is equipped at 5:1.

★ Comes with a motor, assembly is snap-fit, no glue required

* Length when completed: 146mm
* Width: 89mm
* Height: 45mm
* Scale: 1/32 scale
* Painting: Unpainted (wolf driver is pre-painted)
* Power source: Two AA batteries (sold separately)


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