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Hybe Files Breach of Trust Complaint against ADOR CEO Min to Police

The nation’s biggest entertainment company Hybe has filed a complaint with the police against subsidiary ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin over alleged breach of trust.

The Seoul Yongsan Police Station said on Friday that the complaint against Min, as well as ADOR Vice President Shin Dong-hoon was received in the morning.

Announcing interim findings from an audit against the sublabel on Thursday, Hybe claimed that it has verified concrete facts about a scheme to seize control of the company led by Min, and has obtained related physical evidence.

Hybe claimed Min ordered the management to come up with ways to pressure Hybe to sell off its ADOR shares, leading to discussions of the early termination of a contract with K-pop girl group NewJeans and nullifying a contract between Min and Hybe.

Min disputed this at a press conference on Thursday, accusing Hybe of manipulating the content of her private conversation with ADOR management to make a distorted claim that she had attempted to seize corporate control.

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