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Kampot will be an attractive tourist destination in the future

The Governor of Kampot Province is committed to making Kampot an attractive tourist destination for national and international tourists. The provincial administration has many plans to promote tourism in the province.

The provincial governor also requested that the professional officers and authorities, especially operators and tour operators, participate in maintaining the dignity and honour of the province through good hospitality, clean resorts, and reliable services.

Speaking at the meeting between the provincial administration and the private sector and tour operators in Kampot province at the Bokor Conference Hall, Kampot province, on May 14, Mao Thonin, Governor of Kampot, said that based on the priority policy of the Royal Government and based on the potential of Kampot, the provincial administration will make tourism a core sector to support the economy of the people.

The provincial administration has continued to launch various development projects to promote tourism and attract more national and international tourists to Kampot.

The Governor is committed to making Kampot an attractive tourist destination for national and international tourists, especially becoming the most prominent coastal province (what other provinces have, Kampot has, but what Kampot has, other provinces do not).

Thonin requested the professional authorities, especially the tour operators, to maintain good hospitality, clean resorts, and reliable services, especially at a reasonable price with no price increase, and be honest in sales to gain the trust of tourists who come to relax in the province.

During the meeting, Thonin also addressed the requests and suggestions of tour operators that they have been facing in order to improve the work of providing tourism services. In addition, he also presented the vision and development projects of many other tourism sectors, such as the establishment of recreational services along the canals, the establishment of a floating market, and the project to create a beautiful beach.

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