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PM calls on parents to strengthen moral education for children in the age of digital technology to maintain dignity in society

The Prime Minister of Cambodia, Dr. Hun Manet, called on families and communities to strengthen moral education for future generations in order to maintain the dignity of society in the era of technological globalisation.

In a message celebrating Family Day under the theme “Families are a strong foundation for social and economic development,” held on May 15, Prime Minister Hun Manet said that the family is an important cell for building high-quality human resources and well-being, which is a strong asset to maintain peace and increase economic value, raise cultural values, and create new ideas towards achieving the long-term sustainable goals of socio-economic development.

At the same time, grandparents, fathers, mothers, and brothers and sisters all play an important role in raising and educating children to be good children, good students, and good citizens for the community and society. The Prime Minister said that education from this family has actively contributed to the preservation and promotion of culture, religion, traditions, and customs of the nation by adhering to morals, ethics, understanding, tolerance, and respect for the law.

Dr. Hun Manet also called on each family and community to continue to strengthen the spirit of good solidarity and pay attention to education, morals, traditions, and customs by providing education, learning, morality, ethics, behaviour, general knowledge, and other professional skills.

The Prime Minister also asked the monks, elders, and teachers to provide good advice to family members and communities for the younger generation to learn and follow; as the saying goes, “the elderly are the training ground for the younger generation.”

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