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Cambodia calls for ASEAN, int’l cooperation on cybercrime

Cambodia, through the Ministry of Interior, has called for enhanced cooperation with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) member states and the international community to share information to combat cybercrime more effectively.

General Por Pheak, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Interior, said yesterday, “Cambodia wants good cooperation with ASEAN countries and (others) in the world to exchange information and ensure confidentiality in cybercrime proceedings.”

“We want to see state parties who have high-level skills and technology in the fight against cybercrime share those skills or provide training for (members) that are developing their technological capabilities to meet current needs,” he said.

Gen Pheak made the call during the Global Roundtable on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Security Capacity-Building at United Nations Headquarters in New York, US on Friday.

He said the meeting allowed representatives of each participating country to share their experiences in fighting cybercrime.

Cambodia has shared security strategies and skills in the fight against online threats, which the government is paying close attention to in order to ensure security, order, stability, and cybersecurity in society, he added.

Gen Pheak noted that as the digital landscape evolves, it is increasingly important and urgent that capacity-building efforts are accelerated to ensure that all states can safely and securely seize the benefits of digital technologies.

It is also vital that the international community come together to encourage and assist one another by sharing success stories and integrating lessons learned into future development programmes, he added.

Meanwhile, Josephine Teo, Minister for Communications and Information of Singapore, who attended the meeting on Friday, said that the world is more reliant on digital technologies and cyberspace than ever before.

In the face of fast-evolving digital threats, it is timely that the international community gathered to discuss the important issue of cyber capacity building, she said.

Teo added that it should take a multidisciplinary and multi-stakeholder approach, as cybersecurity is a cross-cutting domain.

Diverse expertise across the policy, legal, and diplomatic domains is also required to understand and manage cybersecurity at the national level, she added.

Teo said these efforts are key to strengthening the collective resilience in cyberspace to secure the digital way of life for a sustainable future.

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