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Giant Bokor Buddha expected to be major tourist attraction

A giant Buddha structure on Bokor Mountain is around 30% complete – and is expected to be a major tourist draw when completed.

The giant statue is being built by the Sokha Group and will be 108 metres tall.

The huge shrine, located on the top of Bokor Mountain in Monivong National Park, will be a religious destination for local Buddhists and tourists from all over the world.

The 108-meter-high Buddha statue was inaugurated in January 2023 and will take around four years to build

It will cover over 90 hectares on the ridge of Bokor Mountain

It’s base will be 248 meters long and 186 meters wide and features four large stairs with dragon handrails representing the four major directions in the style of Angkor Wat in the reign of King Suryavarman II in the 12th century.

The purpose of building this huge Buddha statue on Bokor Mountain is to be a shrine for the Cambodian people, as well as to dedicate peace, prosperity and lasting peace to all people.

This huge Buddha statue is also a contribution to support the field of Buddhism and the development of cultural tourism – especially to attract national and international tourists to this area in large numbers and provide a lot of income from those tourists.

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