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FAIRY TAIL: First new TV anime in 5 years, “100 Year Quest,” unveils footage from the main story in a new PV, with Da-iCE as the opening theme and the blue sky I wanted to see as the ending theme

A new promotional video for the TV anime “FAIRY TAIL 100 Years Quest,” based on the official sequel to Hiro Mashima’s popular manga “FAIRY TAIL,” has been released on YouTube, showcasing footage from the series. The promotional video begins with Natsu and the other Fairy Tail members being shocked as it is revealed that the “100 Years Quest” is to “seal a dragon.” It also shows a battle scene using magic against a new enemy calling himself Diablos, as well as a giant dragon that is thought to be the target of the sealing, and a mysterious man engulfed in flames.

វីដេអូផ្សព្វផ្សាយថ្មីសម្រាប់រឿង TV Anime “FAIRY TAIL 100 Years Quest” ដោយផ្អែកលើរឿងភាគផ្លូវការនៃរឿង “FAIRY TAIL” របស់ Hiro Mashima ត្រូវបានចេញផ្សាយនៅលើ YouTube ដោយបង្ហាញវីដេអូពីស៊េរី។ វីដេអូផ្សព្វផ្សាយចាប់ផ្តើមដោយ Natsu និងសមាជិក Fairy Tail ផ្សេងទៀតមានការភ្ញាក់ផ្អើលជាខ្លាំងនៅពេលដែលវាត្រូវបានគេបង្ហាញថា “100 Years Quest” គឺដើម្បី “ផ្សាភ្ជាប់នាគ” ។ វាក៏បង្ហាញឈុតឆាកប្រយុទ្ធដោយប្រើវេទមន្តប្រឆាំងនឹងសត្រូវថ្មីដែលហៅខ្លួនឯងថា Diablos ក៏ដូចជានាគយក្សដែលត្រូវបានគេគិតថាជាគោលដៅនៃការផ្សាភ្ជាប់ ហើយបុរសអាថ៌កំបាំងម្នាក់បានឆេះនៅក្នុងអណ្តាតភ្លើង។

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