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What is the latest Korean makeup trend, “Neutro Makeup”?

The upcoming trend in Korean makeup is the “Neutro makeup,” characterized by soft, muted colors around the eyes, creating a cool yet feminine vibe. “Neutro” is a portmanteau of “new” and “retro,” becoming a trend word in recent years. Its ease of imitation without using dark colors makes it worth trying to update to the latest look.

Point 1: Semi-matte skin texture.

While glossy skin is still popular, the real trend this year is semi-matte skin texture. The charm of this skin feel is its seamless connection with the matte texture of eyeshadows.

Point 2: Cool yet feminine smoky pink eye makeup

The trend of muted color eyeshadows continues, and a light smoky eye can create depth without appearing too heavy, resulting in a cool yet feminine, attractive look. This is a key to understanding the allure of Korean makeup, similar to the presence of the trending girl group NewJeans.

Point 3: Plump color over-lip for full lips

Speaking of trend makeup, plump lips are all the rage, to the point where over-lips are a must. Applying a matte lipstick as a base and then layering gloss on top prevents the color from bleeding outside the lip lines and gathers light, enhancing the three-dimensional effect, making the use of two products essential.

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