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Cambodian artists perform in the China-ASEAN Intangible Cultural Week

At the invitation of the organising committee of the China-ASEAN Intangible Culture Week, artists from the Department of Performing Arts of the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, as well as artists from ASEAN countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, and China, performed at the China-ASEAN Nanning Intangible Cultural Heritage Week, which took place in Nanning, People’s Republic of China, from April 11 to 15, 2024.
China and ASEAN are intertwined, with mountains and rivers having similar cultures; people-to-people ties are strong; and both sides have rich and colourful intangible heritage.
In this regard, to strengthen the exchange of cooperation between China and ASEAN countries on the protection and use of intangible cultural heritage, promotion of the development of cultural tourism resources, and joint construction of China-ASEAN intangible cultural heritage.
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