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WEGO has relaunched its low-priced goods format “WEGO1.3.5…” with a major renovation of its store on Takeshita Street.

WEGO has renovated its store on Takeshita Street in Harajuku, Tokyo, turning it into a specialty shop for its low-priced goods format “WEGO1.3.5…”. The company is enhancing its system to analyze trends in real-time based on business operations that analyze insights from consumers in their teens to early twenties.

Kyosuke Sonoda, President of WEGO, reiterated his focus on “WEGO1.3.5…”, stating, “We want to increase the motivation of teenage customers to visit our store. We aim to respond promptly to trends and want our customers to feel that they can encounter something new whenever they come here.”

“WEGO1.3.5…” started in 2017 as a business format dealing mainly with miscellaneous goods such as stationery, centered around three price points: 100 yen, 300 yen, and 500 yen.

The store has expanded its range of fashionable goods, such as sunglasses and bracelets, and smartphone keychains, and suggests combining them with some apparel. It zones into styles currently popular among teenagers, like “Balletcore,” “Brocketcore,” and “Street Gyaru,” and presents total coordinated looks.

A highlight of the store is the DIY corner, which is popular among teenagers. Here, customers can create original bracelets and keychains by combining their favorite alphabets and symbols, or choose patches to apply on pouches and drawstring bags. The parts range from 100 to 500 yen.

Furthermore, in line with the current trend of “Oshi katsu,” where fans create items related to their favorite characters or idols, there is also a photo spot for homemade plush toys, enhancing the “Nui katsu” experience where fans make their plush toys.

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