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Itadaki-Jyoshi RiRichan Manual Leaked! Part3

Maiko Watanabe, a 25-year-old defendant who called herself “Itadaki Joshi Riri-chan” on social media,

was accused of defrauding three men of approximately 155 million yen by posing as a “foodie” and tricking them into giving her money under false pretenses. She was also accused of creating a “romance manual” to help others commit similar scams.

Chapter 5: Trust-Building Commitment

What is the “Innocent Serious Love” Trust-Building Commitment?

The Trust-Building Commitment is…
Giving the most special feeling conversation and actions in the world.
👴🏻 I’m glad I’m alive.

👴🏻 I have value and purpose in my existence.

👴🏻 Thanks to this child, I’ve discovered a reason to live.

👴🏻 I want to experience more enjoyable days with this child.

 Furthermore, becoming a “girl who can be trusted more than anyone else”
👴🏻 There’s no one else as pure and trustworthy as this child.
👴🏻 I can believe anything if it’s this child.

It’s about making them think this way.

Innocent Serious Love’s Mindset

The mindset of Innocent Serious Love includes:
👴🏻 I can do anything for this child.

👴🏻 There’s no one else for me but this child.

👴🏻 I feel at ease when I’m with this child.

👴🏻 Only this child truly understands the real me.

👴🏻 My happiness comes from making this child happy.

👴🏻 I won’t do anything that upsets this child.

👴🏻 I don’t want this child to dislike me.

This mindset embodies Innocent Serious Love!❣️
If you can adopt this mindset, you’ll naturally think, “Let me help” when you’re in trouble, and above all, it helps prevent problems from arising.

Harmful Serious Love’s Mindset:

👴🏻 “She loves me, so she should be willing to meet me more often, right?”

 ðŸ‘´ðŸ» “Since she loves me, it’s only natural for her to listen to what I say.”

👴🏻 “Why doesn’t she cling to me more if she loves me?”

👴🏻 “I love her so much, why doesn’t she understand that?” 💢 (Doesn’t try to help with anything)

▶️▶️ Harmful Serious Love is mostly about being a selfish person who takes advantage. They use the word “love” to try to fulfill their own conditions and demands.❌

8 Points for Exchanging LINE Contacts:

⭐️ ⭐️ Whether on an app or in nightlife work, make exchanging LINE contacts feel exclusive to you 👧🏻❣️. Create a sense of uniqueness like, “Wow, this is the first time I’ve exchanged LINE like this on this app (at this venue) ❣️🥲, it’s kind of nerve-wracking.”

⭐️ Set the stage by saying, “I don’t usually use LINE much, even with my friends, I reply every few days,” then respond instantly to the person you’re interested in, creating that special feeling.

⭐️ Make it clear that the exchange isn’t for business purposes but because “I want to talk more with you,” giving off that vibe.

⭐️ Ask 👧🏻 “Is it okay if we exchange LINE?” and let her respond, “Oh, is it really? I’m glad, I was worried about what to do if you said no 🥲.” This sequence is a template.

⭐️ When exchanging LINE, show a bit of unfamiliarity like, “Hmm, how do I do this again… Oh, is it the QR code here? ❣️”

⭐️ Make 👧🏻 feel a little lonely by saying, “You don’t seem like you’ll reply to my LINE at all… Will you?” so that you can make it easy for the person to reply. (Some people don’t send many messages due to being considerate.)

⭐️ After exchanging, quickly send a message like “Hey, ◯◯-kun 💗” to avoid forgetting their name. (I usually give nicknames right away.)

⭐️ If you’ve asked for their real name, discreetly include it in the LINE contact name, and also mention the date you met ❣️❣️. Showing that you remember their last name and the date you met when some time has passed will make them happy.

Create an atmosphere where LINE communication isn’t taken for granted, but always feels special ( ᐢ o̴̶̷̤ Ì« o̴̶̷̤ ᐢ ) ❣️❣️. Make them feel like, “It’s such a happy thing to receive a LINE reply from this person…” 👴🏻

💞 Trust-Building Commitment Conversation Collection 💞

Engage in these conversations in person, over the phone, or on LINE to foster trust and connection.

Pure Innocence Conversations:

⭐️ Appeal to innocence by subtly mentioning your lack of romantic experience and how special the person is to you:

“I usually avoid getting involved with men, but you’re different from anyone else.” ▶️ 👴🏻 (“Am I special to her? She’s opened up to me…”)

“What was your ex-girlfriend like?” “Oh, really… You’re like a love guru ❣️ I have zero experience in love, you know…” ▶️ 👴🏻 (“Has she never had a boyfriend before?”)

“Where did you go on your dates?” “Wow ❣️❣️ That sounds amazing. Someday, I dream of going to the movies with someone special.” ▶️ 👴🏻 (“I’d love to make that happen for her.”)

When she mentions something she wants to eat or a place she wants to go, respond with, “Oh, I’ve never heard of that! You’re so knowledgeable, aren’t you? I’d love to try it too.” ▶️ 👴🏻 (“I want to teach her everything!”)

Sincere Emotive Conversations:

 â­ï¸ Match the emotions conveyed in her conversation with exaggerated joy, sadness, etc.:

“Today, I saw a stray cat and it was so cute, I couldn’t stop watching it 🥲 I wish I could’ve taken it home…” ▶️ Add emotional words like “Aww,” “Wow,” “Yay,” etc., even in text conversations.

Instead of just saying “That’s interesting ❣️,” express how you’re feeling: “That’s so interesting~ I’m laughing so hard right now 😂” or “I feel a bit embarrassed but I’m smiling 😊.” ▶️ Let her know what expressions you’re making while texting.

Routine-Building Conversations:

⭐️ Make daily LINE interactions enjoyable to the point where she looks forward to them:

Initially, send “Good morning,” “Good job today ❣️,” and “Good night” messages. Eventually, she’ll start sending them too as part of her routine.

Create a sense of routine and consistency in your interactions.

Memory-Making Conversations:

⭐️ Turn every conversation into a memorable experience:

Reflect on past interactions to create shared memories and nostalgia.

Immediately after exchanging LINE contacts, if it’s a meeting from nightlife, send a picture of just your hands forming a peace sign, saying “This is a commemoration of our meeting today 💗.”

Give her something like a hair tie or a small accessory, saying, “This is something precious to me, I want you to have it,” and wear it on your wrist if it’s a hair tie. ▶️ Remind her of you whenever she sees these items. Don’t let her forget.

Excitement-Inducing Conversations:

 â­ï¸ Make him feel thrilled and leave a lasting impression:

“I realized that talking to you calms me down. Thank you for always being there.”

“Guess what, I just woke up and I got a LINE from you ❣️”

“Listen, listen, I had a dream about you just now ❣️ We were walking the dog together~ 💗 It made me so happy.”

Keep expressing the desire to meet, even if it’s exaggerated. Send cute girl stickers and make her believe they represent you. ⬇️ Recommended ⬇️


Reassuring Conversation

⭐️ Let’s build trust from the bottom of your heart, so that you can feel at ease when this person is around 👴🏻.

“Are you not feeling well, Oji? If anything happens, please tell me. I’ll do anything for you.” Say it with conviction. It doesn’t cost anything to say it. Our job is to make Oji feel happy until then ❣️

“Oji, you always work so hard that I worry… You’re such a hard worker.” Let’s occasionally say words that show concern.

“If you catch a cold, let me know, okay? I’ll buy pudding or something and come to visit you~” ▶️ 👴🏻She’s such a kind child… Let’s make her feel like she wants me to protect her ❣️.

Showing Your Past Conversation

⭐️ Let them feel like they know everything about you by sharing your past, whether it’s real experiences or fictional settings. ⭐️ Gain trust by talking about even the difficult aspects of your past, making them think, “She only shares these things with me…”

“Back when I was in middle school, I joined the art club~ I’m not great at drawing, but I love art 💗”

“I was quite sickly and couldn’t go to school much, so I didn’t make many friends… 🥲”

“I didn’t get along well with my family from a young age and was often teased or mistreated. We don’t even keep in touch now. Ah… I’ve never told anyone this before. Did I surprise you?”

Times Like That Conversation

⭐️ Let them know how important and special they are to you.

“If we were in the same class at school, it would’ve been more fun to go to school, don’t you think? (laughs)”

“It would be really helpful to have someone like you around when I’m going through a tough time.”

“I always try to solve problems by myself and end up making mistakes, so I want to start consulting with you from now on.”

Hardworking Persona Conversation

⭐️ Don’t just act helpless and rely on others for everything. Show that you’re proactive and determined to succeed, so that they’ll want to support you.

“Another day of work… I’m so tired, but I have tasks to do, so I’ll definitely do my best ❣️”

“Something really difficult happened yesterday… There was a difficult client, but worrying about it won’t help. I’ll work even harder.” (Gap between feeling down and feeling positive)

Fluffy Conversation

⭐️ Instead of always having deep conversations like “What did you do today? Oh really…”, have more natural and fluffy conversations that express your personality. Appeal to 👧🏻(I’ll show you everything about me) to shorten the distance between you and Oji.

“Hey hey~ Oji~”

“It’s nothinggg!! Just wanted to call out to you, haha”

“Ehe, he, really? ՞‪⸝⸝> Ì« <⸝⸝՞”

“I want some free timeee ( ᵒ̴̶̷᷄꒳ᵒ̴̶̷᷅ )”

Serious Appeal Conversation

 â­ï¸ Don’t always act like you’re clueless. Show a serious side 👧🏻(I’m thinking about the future too) so that Oji takes your opinions seriously. If you act too silly, 👴🏻might take control and say, “Since Liri-chan doesn’t understand anything, just listen to what I say ❣️,” which might lead to him taking too much control. (If Oji is someone with a strong sense of justice, you can still assert yourself.)

“I’m studying little by little to get a qualification, even though it might take a long time.”

“I may be silly, but I’m trying my best in my own way~ 🥲❣️ It’s really tough, but I’m giving it my all.”

“When I get the qualification, I’ll report it to Oji too.”

Fragile Girl Appeal Conversation

 â­ï¸ This is important! By appealing as a fragile girl, you’ll be forgiven for sudden “feeling unwell” statements when you can’t reply during meetings or when it’s inconvenient. Good Oji might worry about you and even take care of your living expenses.

“I have asthma, and I’ve been coughing non-stop since morning.”

“I’ve always had less stamina than others, and I even collapsed during school trips in summer.”

“My stomach has been hurting since yesterday and it won’t go away… I hope it’s nothing serious.”

Dreamy Girl Appeal Conversation

⭐️ It’s important to be a girl with hopes and dreams for the future. If Oji is a good giver, he’ll think, “I’d be happy if I could support her dream,” and sharing a lot about yourself is crucial for building trust and commitment in the relationship. 👧🏻 “I love fashion, so my dream is to launch my own brand someday. I don’t know when it will happen, but I want to make it come true.” 👧🏻 “I’m a bit embarrassed to talk about this and haven’t told many people, but thank you for listening. I always think about designing clothes that everyone would like. I’ll show them to Oji next time (not really).”

Future Tense Romance Conversation

 â­ï¸ This is my own creation! Future tense romance conversation refers to creating plans for the future to ease Oji’s anxieties and give him excitement. Instead of just lightly mentioning, “I want to go to ◯◯,” it’s important to vividly describe the scene and make it feel like it’s already experienced. I believe that if you imagine something, it’s as good as experiencing it. 😄

“I want to go to Disneyland…”

“Will Oji go with me? Someday.”

“I’m so happy…!!! Going on a date there will be so much fun.”

“Let’s wear matching outfits. Matching look ❣️❣️”

“Let’s wear headbands too. Oji will definitely look good in them, haha. I like the Sherry May one, and maybe Oji will like Duffy? 😄”

“This one ❣️(photo) This headband 💗”

“Let’s take lots of photos.”

Create a list of places you want to visit and things you want to do, and send it to Oji.

Conversation to Avoid Being Seen as Money-Minded

⭐️ It’s crucial not to be perceived as “money-minded” during the first encounter with Oji. If you fail at the first attempt, rebuilding trust and commitment can be quite challenging. It’s common for Oji to start thinking, “Is she just after my money?” after several instances of receiving from the same person. My Oji is like that too! 😄 But there are Ojis who continue giving money and those who eventually distance themselves, saying, “That’s enough!”

“I only had rice balls for lunch today—delicious! I manage to get by within Â¥500 for daily meals, haha.”

“If I have Â¥50,000 for living expenses every month, including utilities, I can manage.” ▶️ Appeal that you are not attached to money by discussing how you don’t spend much on yourself.

“I actually want to live in a more rural area than this.” ▶️ Appeal that you want to live in a less expensive area if your current location is urban.

“While money is important, I think having someone to lean on is more crucial.”

Conversation to Open Oji’s Heart

 â­ï¸ Don’t just talk about yourself; show genuine interest in Oji’s stories too. Make Oji feel like, “No one listens to me like she does,” and build a relationship where he feels comfortable sharing anything.

When Oji is talking, show enthusiasm with reactions like “And then what?” or “Wow, that’s amazing.”

“Your stories are so interesting, and I think there’s no one else like you. You’re amazing.”

Conversation to Ask for Things

⭐️ Oji doesn’t often get asked for things, which is a bit sad. So let’s be the ones to ask for things from Oji. He’ll genuinely be happy.

“I want to see Oji’s face, like, what expression are you making right now? I want a photo.”

“I’m happy. I set your photo as the background in our LINE chat! I can chat with Oji while looking at your face.” (Take a screenshot of the background and change it immediately after.)

“I want to hold hands with Oji. Like a photo of your hand. Your warm hand.” (Send a photo of your own hand too.)

“Let’s hold hands when we meet next time.”

Reassurance Conversation

⭐️ I don’t use the word “date” with Oji but create experiences similar to being in a romantic relationship. (By the way, people who say “I want to date you” tend to be Matchers or Takers. Wanting to date = wanting to make you theirs and fulfill their desires.)

“What do you think of me, Oji?”

“I’m worried you might start disliking me.”

“You won’t go anywhere, will you?”

“Don’t leave me alone.”

“I hope we can keep talking like this in the future.”

“Let’s make lots of memories together.”

Jealousy Conversation

⭐️ Let’s intentionally make Oji jealous. Oji rarely experiences being envied by a girl. Make Oji think, “I should cherish her more.”

“Oji, you definitely attract a lot of attention. Are there other people you’re in contact with besides me?”

“I’m sure your ex-girlfriend was beautiful too, and that makes me anxious.”

“If your ex-girlfriend were to contact you now, would you go back to her?”

Conversation on Forbidden Topics

⭐️ Things you should never say to Oji:

“Have you ever been to a host club?” (Avoid bringing up host clubs or mention that you don’t drink alcohol much.)

“I have a favorite male celebrity.” (Especially avoid this; if you like someone, like Degawa, that’s okay.)

“My LINE icon is a male idol.” (It’s better to use cute female models or underground idols, or your own selfies.)

Overly knowledgeable about certain topics (If you know a lot about many things and talk too much about it, Oji might question why you’re not knowledgeable about specific financial matters.)

Creating a Hierarchy Conversation

 â­ï¸ Establishing a hierarchy with Oji:

When Oji makes a slight mistake or doesn’t keep promises, express disappointment.

“You didn’t say goodnight last night, did you? I felt lonely.”

“You always prefer cute girls. Even though I’m here, you don’t seem to care.”

“You’re secretly going to a brothel again, aren’t you? I don’t like that.”

👴🏻 “I’m sorry! That’s not true! I won’t do that again. I’m sorry for making you worry,” make him apologize is crucial.

Voice Message Conversation

 â­ï¸ If you’re not good with calls, using the voice messaging feature on LINE is highly recommended! Sending messages in your own voice can deepen trust with Oji more than just text.

“Good morning! Just woke up.”

“Oji, good job today! I’m tired too.” Try to sound as cute as you can in your voice messages. ( ᐢ ◡ oᐢ )❣️

💗 Building Trust Commitment’s Psychological Battle 💗 The conversation guide is complete! Please imitate me a lot while building trust commitment ( ᐢ ◡ oᐢ )💗 Building trust commitment is a psychological battle. Simply typing out lines or talking won’t cut it ❌❌ 💗 When is the best time to say something? 💗 When will it sound more genuine and real? 💗 When will it strike deep in Oji’s heart? Let’s choose our words carefully.

Building trust commitment is the most important aspect of being a sugar baby. It’s more about creating a relationship where Oji thinks, “I want to protect and help her,” than worrying about financial matters. If someone important to you is in trouble, the instinct to help unconditionally should take priority. That’s what love is about. ( ᐢ ◡ oᐢ ) Let’s make Oji love us! ❣️❣️

Chiikawashi, right?

Chapter 6: Evaluating the Perfection of Trust-Building Commitment

⭐️ Trust-building commitment = Safe Genuine Love

Even when you haven’t replied, they happily send follow-up messages on LINE.

When you mention feeling a bit unwell, they ask, “Is there anything I can do for you?” and offer what they can do.

They don’t impose their desires (e.g., saying “I want to call you” and making unsolicited calls).

They make an effort to reply on LINE even during work.

No matter how far the distance, they suggest, “Should I come to see you?” and offer to come to your location.

When trust-building commitment is achieved and turns into safe genuine love, the preparation for acceptance is complete.❣️❣️( ᐢ o̴̶̷̤ ̫ o̴̶̷̤ ᐢ )

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