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“Chiikawa Goshuin” Resale Alert Issued by Official

The official X account issued a warning against the resale of “Chiikawa Goshuin” from Gokokuji Temple on flea market apps.

Located in Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo, the main temple Gokokuji offers a special “Chiikawa seal” in addition to the regular temple seal to visitors who bring the “Nanka Hikatte Tabitaku Naru Goshuincho” stamp book included with the special edition of the sixth volume of the Chiikawa comics and pay a fee of 500 yen.

The daily limit of 200 tickets usually runs out within an hour due to popularity, and the rarity of this temple-specific event has led to resale activities.

In response, the official Chiikawa comics X account stated, “Goshuin are given as proof of pilgrimage, akin to receiving blessings from the principal image of worship. We kindly ask for your understanding and to refrain from disrespectful actions such as reselling.”

The post also mentioned that the event runs until June 30, providing ample time for anyone interested. “The same Goshuin can be obtained at any time during the event. Please visit Gokokuji at your convenience and receive your Goshuin personally,” the post encouraged.

Main Temple Gokokuji
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